Friday, June 4, 2010

Nuts and health

Nuts are a great way to eat healthy, they are in many foods and are even eaten raw sometimes. They have a crunch to them for the most part and then having it salted would make it a perfect snack sometimes. Buts do contain a lot of fat, the average nut is about 90% fat. Now don't look at this and think that this is a bad food because of how much fat it contains, this is because the fat is mostly unsaturated fat which is actually healthy for your body. Also nuts contain more then just that they have a variety of nutritious materials that you would need to function in daily life. Nuts contain zinc, iron, calcium. vitamin B and vitamin E. You can go to any store and you would find a lot of different sorts of healthy nuts all over, also nuts are in cakes, ice cream, cereal and a lot of other foods.


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